About Me

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My name is Xeni Marie Giannakoulis and I'm a nineteen year old girl who loves to blog! 
I'll have my occasional rant or two... okay maybe 10 but who's counting right?

I will make you laugh, cry, smile, cringe, think, believe and create! I'm no expert in life but I'm learning and I hope you stick around to watch it all unravel, to learn from my mistakes and to even pick up a nifty trick or 2. 

In case anyone was wondering I'm studying a Bachelor of Fashion and Business, and one day hoping to start up my own fashion label with my best-friend. So watch out one day you might be lucky enough to be wearing my designs!

I'm also obsessed with: 

  • Makeup - even if I'm no expert, I have picked up a few handy tips from You Tube.
  • Movies and T.V series - if you haven't heard from me in a while it's probably because I'm watching the entire series of Harry Potter for the 100th time or I've discovered an amazing new T.V series. 
  • Finding new cafes & restaurants - I'm a sucker for a good coffee or pizza, if you've done something wrong chances are I'll forgive you if you bring me a delicious pizza ... YUM  
  • Taking photos and videos - I love capturing every single moment and being able to look back to all my amazing memories... even if it does include a selfie every now and then. 
So as you can see I'm no different from you, so I promise you my blog will not disappoint you. 

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